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Become the leader of a mob of mercenaries


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Chrono Clash is an SRPG that’s similar to Final Fantasy Tactics or Vandal Hearts that challenges you to lead a group of mercenaries. Your role will be decisive for the fate of kingdom of Tevalles, which is submerged in absolute chaos after the king’s murder.

Gameplay in Chrono Clash is really similar to what you’d find in the games mentioned above. During the battles, the action takes place by turns, so when it’s one of your characters’ turn, you have to move him and perform an action. The action will usually be to attack, but you can also conjure spells, protect your ally, etc.

In between battles, the players can manage all the aspects of your gang of mercenaries. You can buy and equip new weapons and armors, draft new members, learn new skills, etc. You can also interact with other characters, accept secondary missions, and of course, advance inside the story of the game.

Chrono Clash is an outstanding SRPG that includes a deep and interesting story, really charming characters and great visuals. The combat system is also absolutely awesome and any traditional SRPG fans are sure to love it.
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Android 4.1 or greater is required

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